The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the II European Raccoon Meeting, which will be held on 18 20 April 2024 in Pratovecchio Stia Italy.
EURORACCOON is an open, collaborative project aiming to bring together researchers and managers working on raccoons at the European scale, covering all aspects of the raccoon ecology (general ecology, parasitology and infectious diseases, genetics and geno mics, spatial ecology, management tools, and strategies). The overall goal of EURORACCOON is to develop evidenced based management of this highly invasive alien species.
The raccoon ( Procyon lotor ) is a highly invasive alien species colonizing most of the Western Europe.
Highly adaptable and plastic, the raccoon has expanded in all habitats, including urban ones. The raccoon is putatively involved in threats toward biodiversity, especially due to interspecific interference competition and predation, but is also involved in likely zoonotic diseases. It is listed as an invasive alien species of European concern following the EU Regulation 1143/2014. Careful attention must be paid toward its expansion, its effects on biodiversity and humans. Acquiring specific knowledge on all the aspects of its ecology is mandatory to al low ecologists and managers going toward a more comprehensive view on its effects and risks to build evidenced based management measures across the distribution area of the raccoon in Europe.

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